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Accessories are quickly becoming the gateway to being fabulous in fur. Considerably less expensive than jackets and coats and easily adapted to your existing wardrobe, these fun pieces can dress up the simplest look, bring luxe to sport and make classic cool without breaking the bank.

Stack it on and show the world what they are missing by not joining in the fun! Here we have Sterling in a hat, vest, bag, and mitts. Seems easy enough but the key here is keeping your furs unified. That means keep your furs in the same family or in the same feel. Otherwise, you may cheapen the overall look of your furs and you definitely don’t want to do that!
  • Coyote aviator hat, by Luna Furs
  • Coyote patchwork vest, by Musi Furs
  • Mink bag, by Canadian Hat
  • Lynx cat mitts, by Musi Furs

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