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Accessories are quickly becoming the gateway to being fabulous in fur. Considerably less expensive than jackets and coats and easily adapted to your existing wardrobe, these fun pieces can dress up the simplest look, bring luxe to sport and make classic cool without breaking the bank.

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Keep it Simple

  Fur virgins should keep it simple. If fur is new to you and you are not very risqué in your approach to fashion, try integrating one piece at a time.
Like here we have the snood, which can easily be replaced by the brooch. We can add a bag, or try some earmuffs. All quick and effortless ways to bring that Wow! factor to your wardrobe.
  • Sheared beaver with Lynx Cat snood, by Jean Crisan Furs
  • Fur flower brooch, by Mahvash Fur Flowers
  • Sheared and grooved coyote patchwork bag, by Natural Furs
  • Mink earmuffs, by Furb Atelier

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