Furbearing Animals: A Renewable Natural Resource –
An Educational Video

Using furbearing animals as the case study, Furbearing Animals: A Renewable Resource is a 15-minute video designed to educate and open a meaningful conversation about the relationship between humans, animals and nature and illustrate key environmental concepts in the 5th/6th grade curriculum. Developed by the Fur Council of Canada, in collaboration with Quebec's Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs, the International Fur Federation and the Canadian Museum of Nature, this educational tool is available in both English and French.


Teacher's Guide

This companion PDF document to the  Furbearing Animals: A Renewable Natural Resource educational video, contains learning activities, handouts, and in-class quizzes to reinforce key concepts.  Provided free of charge, in English and French, to schools, science clubs and other organizations concerned by the topic.

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               Fur, the Fabric of a Nation video

A complete overview of the Canadian fur trade   from historical origins to modern-day realities. Learn about the fur trade's role as an ecologically responsible industry with high ethical standards.

Age 12+
Running time: 26 minutes

Fur : The Fabric of a Nation brochure

A companion piece to the video, ideal for class discussions. Explains each step of production and places the fur trade in its historical and international context.

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Fur: The Fabric of a Nation fact sheet

One-page fact sheet on the Canadian fur trade: trapping, fur farming, manufacturing & design, exports and more.

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 Eco-News Booklet

Social, economic and ecological aspects of the fur trade presented in a colorful and entertaining way. Recommended for students 10 years and older.

  QUANTITY (Eco-News): 

Eco-News Questionnaire

A question & answer teaching tool based on our Eco-News booklet with quiz and subjects for class debates. Measures student understanding of the Eco-News booklet.

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 Trapping and Furbearer Management in North American Wildlife Conservation Brochure

A borchure produced by The Wildlife Society (state and provincial wildlife biologists) with texts, photos and graphics explaining furbearers, management and sustainable use in northeastern North America.

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 Fashion in Harmony with nature Trapper's letter

A letter written by two Quebec women trappers explaining their commitment to responsible environmental practices.

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Fur is Green Brochure

An overview of the Canadian fur trade's commitment to be a responsible and ethical industry.

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Fur is Green Message Cards

Three strong eco messages to pass on: A message from the Cree, Environmental Activist, Eco Fashion
. Also designed to in into the Fur is Green brochure.
e with 100% recycled paper)

Download 3 cards

QUANTITY (Fur is Green cards):   

Fur is Green Button

Small button with the Fur is Green logo
Diameter: 2.5cm
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Fur is Green Button
"Save a tree... Wear a beaver!"

Big button
Diameter: 4.5cm

QUANTITY (Large button): 

Fur Care Card

Info cards to pass on, giving tips and facts on how to care for your fur garments.

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 Fur Farming Card

Info cards to pass on, with facts about wild furs and practices of raisings on farms.

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Wild Furs

Info cards to pass on, with facts about wild furs and the practices on trapping.

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 The Fur industry Card

Info cards to pass on, with facts about the history of the fur trade, as well as the ethic and eco values of the fur industry.

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 Choosing Fur Booklet

Brochure with tips on how to choose your next fur garment.

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