The epitome of natural Beauty:
Furs from canada

Beautifully Canadian winter, snow covered trees

When one thinks of Canada, images of the Great North with vast expanses of snowy forests and pristine lakes come to mind. Fur country! Canada has been known as a source for the most beautiful furs ever since European explorers first arrived in search of lustrous beaver and other luxurious furs.

Farmed furs

Farm-raising of fur animals started in Canada 100 years ago. Today, some of the world’s finest mink, fox and chinchilla are produced on farms in a wide range of natural colors. The excellent care these animals receive and our cold winters allow Canadian farmers to produce furs that are valued for their density, luster and high quality.

To learn more about fur farming and animal welfare in Canada, visit the Fur is Green website.

Wild Furs

Beaver, muskrat, raccoon, Canadian sable, coyote, red fox, lynx– these and other wild furs are abundant in Canada and are highly valued for their beauty and natural coloration. Thanks to careful management and strict provincial, national and international regulations, endangered species are never used. Only a small percentage of the surplus nature produces each year is used for the production of garments.

To learn more about fur trapping regulations in Canada, visit the Fur is Green website.

Beaver – the fur that built a nation!

It was the quest for beaver that launched the Canadian fur trade, and it is still one of the most important Canadian furs. Extremely abundant, beaver fur provides remarkable warmth because air is trapped in the soft and dense down that is sheltered under the thicker “guard hairs”. Even when beaver fur is “plucked”, to remove the coarser guard hairs, and “sheared” (to make it lighter and less bulky) it remains one of the warmest and softest furs. Beaver is also the most versatile: shiny and lush in its natural form, it can also be bleached and dyed, printed and embroidered. Most furs can be remodeled according to changing fashion trends, but beaver is one of the easiest to restyle. If properly cared for, its beauty and warmth can be enjoyed for generations!

Beaver fur natural, carved
Left: Natural long-haired beaver. Right: Sheared beaver, dyed pink and carved. 
Beautifully Canadian fur label
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