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Fur is green

Fur is Green is a public information campaign launched by the Fur Council of Canada to promote the eco values of the Canadian fur trade. 

Fur is the ultimate eco-clothing, a natural choice. At a time when we are all more conscious of how our lifestyles affect nature, fur is an excellent choice. Nothing is 100% "green" if only because fossil fuels are used to bring most products to market. But like leather, suede and shearling, fur is a natural product, a true gift of nature.

Fur is a natural fashion material that is also a renewable and sustainable resource, durable, reusable and recyclable.



The new Origin Assured (OA) label allows consumers to buy fur with confidence. The OA label provides assurance that the fur in your garment comes from a country where national and local regulations or standards governing fur production are in force. Developed by the International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF), the OA label confirms our commitment to openness and honesty with consumers about responsible industry practices.

Fur -  the natural, responsible choice.


Origin Assured furs