The Beautifully Canadian Story

The story behind the Beautifully Canadian label is as beautiful and authentic as the furs it identifies. It is the story of people living close to the land in some of the most remote and magnificent wilderness regions of the planet. It is the story of a 400-year-old trade that helped build a nation. It is the story of a heritage industry that continues to evolve and thrive today, making beautiful furs that are recognized around the world for their unique beauty, authenticity and styling.

In 2002, the Fur Council of Canada launched the Beautifully Canadian label to collectively identify authentic, high-quality fur garments made in Canada. Today the iconic red and gold label identifies some of the most exquisite fur garments sold around the world.

Fur worker in a Beautifully Canadian fur atelier
Fur worker in a Beautifully Canadian fur atelier
Pictures by Claire Beaugrand-Champagne             

Canadian fur manufacturers are highly specialized craftspeople, skilled artisans using centuries-old techniques transmitted from father to son and daughter. Each garment is individually cut and sewn, by hand, in small workshops, with the special attention to detail one gives to a unique piece of art.

More than 65 000 Canadians, including aboriginal and non-aboriginal trappers, farmers, processors, manufacturers, designers and retailers work in this remarkable trade. The industry contributes some $800 million annually to the Canadian economy, including more than $ 400 million in exports to fashion centers around the world.

Your assurance of authenticity.

Beautifully Canadian furs made in Canada label