A Unique Label

The Beautifully Canadian label is your assurance of purchasing a unique fur, made especially for you in Canada!

Only a selected group of Canadian designers and workshops are allowed to use it. The Beautifully Canadian Signatures are some of the most respected names in the Canadian fur trade.

Only the best quality fur apparel and accessories, handcrafted in Canada by experienced master furriers, using the finest, most luxurious North American furs can carry our red and gold label.

The Beautifully Canadian label is today recognized around the world as an assurance of genuine origin and quality.

Our Signature Collection

Some of our most luxurious and rare pieces come with a special Beautifully Canadian label carrying a unique serial number. You can register your coat and receive an authenticity certificate by sending us the serial number on your coat and some other information. This certificate is your assurance that the coat you purchased is an authentic Canadian-made fur.
Ask your fur retailer about this special label.
Beautifully Canadian Furs Authenticity program