Beautifully Canadian label represents Canada, winter, snow and fur

Beautifully Canadian is a collective brand launched by the Fur Council of Canada, to give consumers added assurance about:
  • The origin of their fur garments: the red and gold label identifies the best quality fur apparel & accessories handcrafted in Canada by master furriers. This label may only be displayed on fur apparel that is made in Canada using the finest North American furs.

  • The assurance of quality: Choosing the right fur garment can be challenging, especially with the vast selection of fur types and styles that are available today. The Beautifully Canadian tag is your assurance that you are buying a high-quality garment, a unique work of wearable art, a prized possession.

  • A socially responsible investment: Canadian furs have been famous for centuries. Today, Canada is renowned as a leading purveyor of high quality furs, produced in accordance with responsible animal welfare and conservation standards. Fur is one of Canada’s most abundant natural resources, used in a sustainable manner to ensure that we will enjoy the comfort and beauty of authentic Canadian furs for generations to come.

The Beautifully Canadian label identifies exquisite fur apparel and accessories, made exclusively in Canada by top Canadian fur designers in their own workshops.

Look for the distinctive red and gold label,
your assurance of authentic Canadian made furs!

Beautifully Canadian fur label
Your assurance of authenticity.

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